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Acupuncture @InnerLight
 Although it is only recently getting attention in the United States, acupuncture is actually one of the oldest known systems of healing. Though it springs from ancient knowledge, acupuncture has shown a remarkable ability to adapt and remain popular. In fact, to this day, more people are treated with acupuncture than any other medical system in the world, including pharmaceuticals.
Studies have shown that with the insertion of acupuncture needles the body responds in certain ways. Once the needle penetrates the skin
the body responds by treating the needle as a foreign invader. This triggers the body’s injury response. Since the needles are so fine and sterile, and the skin is swabbed with alcohol there is no injury or risk of infection. The injury response will divert the blood flow to the needle and increase circulation to the affected area. Blood flow brings oxygen, nutrients, and the immune system and treats the problem locally. When the injury response is triggered, the body will try to sedate the patient by releasing endorphins. Endorphins provide the quintessential relaxation
and sense of well-being that acupuncture is known for.
Acupuncture can be adapted to treat limitless ailments.
Acupuncture in a Private Setting:
Initial visits for private acupuncture are $100 with each follow-up visit costing $65
Please call the spa to schedule an appointment (845) 229-9998. Our cancellation is in effect for individual acupuncture.
**Please print and fill out this Acupuncture Form**