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”The most important thing in changing human behavior is the person’s motivation.”-Milton Erickson, MD, Hypnosis pioneer

What are you motivated to change? Do you realize that you have everything within you to make that change now?

Hypnosis is very popular in Hollywood. Billy Joel, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Ashton Kutcher, Ellen DeGeneres and Samuel Jackson have all used hypnosis to stop smoking. Melissa Joan Hart, Tiffani Thiessen, and Jessica Alba have all applied hypnosis to childbirth. Bruce Willis stopped stuttering, Whoopi Goldberg got over her fear of flying and Kevin Costner overcame his fear of water and they all did it with the help of a hypnotherapist.

What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a safe, naturally occurring state of focused attention. It is a healing treatment that can be traced back to the temple walls in ancient Egypt. In hypnosis, you are more receptive to positive suggestions. We have all experienced hypnosis in some form. If you meditate, pray, watch TV, read, daydream or miss your exit while driving, you have been in a trance. This reverie state is associated with creativity, inspiration and healing. Hypnotherapy is completely different from stage hypnosis, which is designed to entertain.
At InnerLight, our hypnosis team uses suggestive therapy, guided imagery, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and regression to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Be a part of a transformation in healthcare. Book your first appointment today.

In-person Hypnotherapy:
Initial Hypnotherapy visit (90 minutes) . . . . . $150
Follow-up Hypnotherapy visit (60 minutes). . . . .  $100

Please contact InnerLight at (845) 229-9998 to schedule, or view availability through our virtual receptionist. Our cancellation policy is in effect for hypnotherapy.

Initial Visits:
Please complete our Hypnotherapy Intake Form before your 1st visit. Thank you.

Please also note our lateness and cancellation policy. If you are late for your appointment, we do expect full payment and we are only able to accommodate ten minutes beyond your scheduled end time. If you do not show up or cancel without a 24 hour advanced notice, you will be charged 50% of your bill. Thank you in advance for your understanding.