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If you are on a maintenance regimen, in need of relaxation or want to rid your body of aches and pains, our certified and licensed massage therapists can provide the lifestyle, comfort and relief you need. 
Our services are by appointment only. We do our best to accommodate most schedules, but it is best to make your appointment at least 2-3 days in advance. Please call the spa at (845) 229-9998 during regular hours or use our online service to schedule your next appointment.
Before and during your session be sure let us know if you are hot, cold, uncomfortable or just right. Please also note our lateness and cancellation policy. If you are late for your appointment, we do expect full payment and we are only able to accommodate ten minutes beyond your scheduled end time. If you do not show up or cancel without a 24 hour advanced notice, you will be charged 50% of your bill. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
"I believe a massage is the best thing money can buy! Every single person at Inner Light Health Spa always gives me the utmost respect and strives to be very friendly and welcoming."

 **To save time, please print and fill out this Massage Intake Form**
Basic Massage 
                            30-minute Massage . . . . . $65         
A perfect lunch hour escape or reward for a productive work day. This is also an affordable option for those who wish to receive massage regularly as preventative health care.
45-minute Massage . . . . . $75             
Enough time to get into the trouble areas or treat yourself to some extra relaxation.

60-minute Massage . . . . . $95           
Standard massage with enough time to work the entire body and incorporate stretching and extra attention where it is needed.
75-minute Massage . . . . . $105
We know that you never want it to end. We also understand that there is a world out there that does need you to return to your duties, but we figure just a few more minutes won't set you too far behind.
90-minute Massage . . . . . $125
Take care of your hard-working body. Just consider this a well deserved investment in to a healthy future.

Healing with Crystals Massage (60 minutes) . . . . . $105
Integrative energy massage healing technique that will leave you physically and mentally balanced and supported. A session includes a relaxation massage and subtle healing qualities of crystals.
Low Back Mobilization (60 minutes) . . . . . $105
Specific focus is given to the muscles and nerves of the low back. Passive stretches are applied to aid in release and increased range of motion.
Cervical Traction (30 minutes) . . . . . $75
Specific focus is applied to the muscles and nerves of the neck and shoulders. Passive stretches and strengthening exercises are incorporated with this treatment.
Shiatsu & Acupressure (60 minutes) . . . . $105
Traditional Chinese medicine techniques are applied to the muscles through comfy clothing. This is a series of compressions and stretches that affect your energy body as well as the physical body
Pre-Natal Massage (60 minutes) . . . . . $105
With the consent of your doctor, we would love to massage mama and her belly.

 Happy Feet (60 minutes) . . . . . $125                   
60-minute full body massage followed by a foot soak and reflexology, with wine or a cup of tea. It will not only make your feet happy, but will make your whole body happy.

                              Cranio Sacral Massage . . . . . $105                   
60-minute full body massage which includes cranio sacral massage; a gentle, non-invasive bodywork technique that addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum. Releasing compression in those areas effectively reduces stress and discomfort.

                                Myofascial Release . . . . . $105                   
60-minute full body massage which includes myofascial release therapy. By stretching and loosening the fascia, other contiguous structures can move more freely, increasing range of motion and reducing discomfort.

                              Happy Couple (60 minutes) . . . . . $220
Want to smile and blow kisses to your loved one while you each receive a one hour massage? We can accommodate your dual massage and end with a lite spa lunch. Also a great way to bond for mothers and daughters or best friends. (Pre-pay available by phone)
                         Couples Massage Lesson (60 minutes). . . . .$200

Learn professional techniques for massaging your loved one while also learning how to be a good massage receiver.

Sauna.. . . . add $20
Begin to release muscular tension before the massage even begins with 30 minutes in our infrared sauna 

Cupping.. . . . add $20
Cupping helps with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and can provide a type of deep-tissue massage
Hot Stones . . . . . add $25                      
Smooth stones are heated in hot water and applied to specific parts of the body to help you release tension and aid in your relaxation.
Hand & Foot Exfoliation . . . . . add $25
These are some of the most active body parts you have. Let's clean them up and soothe away any tension with heated mitts and booties. Can be added to any massage or facial.
Lymphatic Eye Drainage . . . . . add $25
Have bags under your eyes that won't seem to go away? With this treatment, light pressure is applied to the eye area to increase circulation and drain excess fluid.

Reflexology . . . . . add $30                      
By stimulating predefined pressure points on the feet and hands, this theraputic method is effective for promoting good health, boosting immune system, stress relief, and promoting self healing from injury and illness.
. . .  

Massage Bundle . . . . . $475
Buy 5 one hour massages, get the sixth free!

Corporate Chair Massage
Our professional therapists come to your work place to provide chair massage to your employees. We can accommodate anywhere from 5-50 employees. Approximately $1.25 per minute per therapist. Please call (845) 229-9998 for specific price quote.