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WHAT IS IT? Yoga Nidra means “yogic sleep.” It is a state of profound stillness and peace in which the body is in the deepest state of relaxation, yet the mind is awake. 

HOW DOES IT WORK? Practitioners are led through a series of techniques using body, breath, and awareness, resulting in deep physical relaxation, subtler mental states, and eventual stilling of the mind. In this expansive state beyond the restrictions of the mind, old reactive patterns and stresses are effortlessly dissolved. We then consciously use an intention to redirect our energy and steer our life in whatever direction we want to go. This simple practice is usually done lying on the floor. 

WHAT WILL IT DO FOR ME? As old patterns and stresses are released, the practitioner is freed to function in life with greater clarity and inner joy. Through the use of intention, every thought and action begins to be a graceful expression of our life’s deepest purpose. . 

WHAT WILL EACH CLASS CONSIST OF? Short discussion Easy yoga postures to relax the body 35 -45 minute yoga nidra experience Time to journal and share experiences 

Acupuncture Happy Hour
@InnerLight Spa with Patricia Holtz La.C.

Free Treatments!!
Receive a free 20 minute community-style acupuncture treatment designed to help you de-stress, decompress & feel good! Wear loose, comfortable clothing & come ready to relax. Please call the spa at 845-229-9998 to make a reservation. (Limited spaces)
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